Voice Coaching

Livia Cuypers
your voice coach and voice therapist,
your Lichtenberg-voice didactician,
Specialised in speaking and singing voice.

Livia Cuypers (°1974) is a qualified speech therapist and a certified Lichtenberger voice didactician. She works full-time with speakers and singers wishing to sustainably master their voice.

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Livia is fascinated by music and sound. On qualifying as a speech therapist in1995, she became a practitioner. She also studied the development of her own speaking and singing voice, which brought her in contact with the Lichtenberger method. The effects and changes that she experienced convinced her to study this method in depth. In 2005 she became an experienced certified Lichtenberg voice didactician.

In addition she finished several intensive courses in “Complete Vocal Technique” (CVT), a Danish method that gave her a deep understanding of vocal use in different singing styles. She also applies many of these techniques to the speaking voice. Moreover, she uses elements of the American method “Estill Voice Training” (EVT).

Although the Lichtenberg method is still her principal approach, Livia very consciously studies from that perspective the wealth of different methods to explore and nurture the versatility and subtlety of the voice. This strong basis is further informed by her own insights gained through 20 years as a practitioner.

Livia likes to explore several singing techniques required in classical singing, singing songwriting, as well as pop and rock with a view to fully understanding the needs and expectations of a broad range of singers. Livia gives individual voice coaching sessions twice a year in the Music Centre at Het Depot, Leuven. In addition since more then 10 years she has a joint projects with the Incantanti ensemble led by Christian Klucker in Switzerland.

Livia serves as external assessor for Bachelor thesis students specializing in voice at the Arteveldehogeschool Gent and the Thomas More Hogeschool in Antwerpen, in the Speech Therapy department. This service reinforces the link between her practice and academic research and further informs her efficient application of voice technique in voice therapy.

Livia is currently a guest teacher for post graduate students studying voice at the Thomas More Hogeschool in Antwerpen, within the Speech Therapy and Audiology department. She is also secretary of the Advisory Board of EVTA.be (the European Voice Teachers Association Belgium).

Voice therapy

Do you have voice problems and want to develop a healthy voice?

You want to understand what more sound with less effort implies.

Livia’s voice test will identify your problems. If necessary, she will advise you consult an ear nose and throat medic who can provide a clinical diagnosis and prescribe therapy.

Online sessions are possible too!

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schola vocalis stemcoaching

Voice coaching

Is your voice healthy, but in need of development?

You want more sound with less effort.

Online sessions are possible too!

Speaking Voice & Singing Voice

Emphasis is given to either speaking, singing or both, depending on your goal. Applications such as presentations, songs, arias are explored. We carefully work towards your personal goal with the health of the voice as the central objective. We continuously assess and reassess individual potential. This often neglected “gold mine” is explored step by step through stimulating awareness raising exercise leading to mastery. To this end, Livia’s approach avoids artificial vocal manipulation, by triggering natural self regulation.

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Voice Courses 2022

Singers amateur level

From 2 august to 5 august

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Cost: 360 euros

Singers professional level

From 9 august to 12 august

10 a.m. – 1.p.m.

Cost: 360 euros

Information for all courses:

Target Group: Singers (amateur and professional) who have a special interest in developing their singing voice in a healthy and natural way. Some experience with the Lichtenberg method is welcome but not necessary.

Purpose: A wide range of fundamental voice themes is addressed, such as “a sound compass ”, “the ear”, “the voice box”, “the nose”, “breath”, …. In addition, participants’ individual exercises will be explicitly reviewed to help optimize the self-regulatory process.

Basic Entry Requirement: You can pitch notes from the piano. Reading music is not necessary, but is an advantage.

Approach: maximum 5 people. Individual lesson and learning through listening and observing the group.

Location: Schola Vocalis in Roux-Miroir, not far across the border with Vlaams-Brabant.

Register: Mail me at livia.cuypers@voicecoaching.be

Practical aspect: think of carpooling with other participants! Quiet route.

! Tip for those who like to make a trip out of it: gîte or B&B available. If interested: ask for addresses! (beautiful walking and cycling routes…)

Location + accessibility

Leuven (Heverlee)

Easily accessible by train, bus, car, bicycle or on foot.


Centrally located between Leuven, Tienen, Jodoigne, Namur, Gemblours, Louvain-la-Neuve, Wavre and Brussels.

Also easily accessible by (electric) bicycle or on foot, because located at fifty meters from the cycle route, La Transincourtoise, which is also accessible for pedestrians.